Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Walking Around Town

It took me and my wife almost an hour to complete our round around our small town yesterday.

Normally it would only take us 40-45 minutes.

We looked at one another and laughed heartily.

It was a good start for us after laying off jogging six months ago.

Laziness causes obesity and obesity is bringing in more laziness.

We started to enjoy going around town in our van, slowly doing our shopping, eating and sightseeing.

Without realizing it, we had laid off the exercise for so long.

Now that we are back, it’s time to work on our speed, distance, and workout.

It is fun to walk around small town like ours again.

We have met many friends and friendly people. There is lots of waving of hands, greetings, smilings and encouraging or admiring expressions.

We sweat very easily and profusely walking up and down the hills, turning the corners and balancing on the uneven terrain.

And sometimes the sudden weather changes do add some color to our mood. The cool breezes, the scorching sun, the drizzles or sudden intermittent rains, they are just wonderful; but not the lightning and the thunder.

We are very happy on our progress and we talked along our way as we were near home.

We are looking forward for more in the coming weeks.

Nothing is impossible if we put our mind and heart together, and work towards it.

Suddenly I am excited and hooked to walking around town again. LOL

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Raen said...

That is so sweet, makes me want to grab my boyfriend and go on a walk. I think I just might! Thanks for the wonderful idea.