Monday, August 23, 2010

Stubborn Principles In Life

I was doing an analysis on my ex-students’ performance in the public examinations.

It was a tedious work; much time and effort was spent before I could complete it.

Then I sat back, concentrating on the report, and pondered over all that I had done for the past years.

As I thought through, a sense of disappointment and regret sank into my heart; I realized there was much room for improvement.

If only I could establish a better rapport and relationship with my students, I could make them score better.


Sometimes we are too keen to solve problems at hand that we don’t realize there are better and more effective ways.

We are too narrow and rigid in our mindset that we wouldn’t listen to counsel and advice.

Now that damages are done, we are living to regret them.


Sometimes it is the problem of communication.

We put so much emphasis on delivering our lessons that we forget we are communicating with people.

Humans are like that. We know what we are supposed to do but we never consider the human aspect of everything. What is important to us is efficiency or effectiveness, and we are satisfied.

If only we can be more considerate and friendly, and learn to develop some empathy and understanding, the students will listen to us more.


Many times I had regretted on my actions and decisions.

I never knew they could bring serious and lasting problems until later in life.

Now that relationships have become tense and ugly, sometimes I do feel guilty and depressed.

Why not rather be wrong?

Why so assertive in winning?

Oh! Those stubborn principles in life!

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