Saturday, August 28, 2010

It’s My Life

Life is so uncertain and unexpected, regardless of where we stay and what we do; and it is so short and so random, that we mustn’t take anything for granted. Every moment of our lives is so precious and so fleeting, that we hold on to them and refuse to let them go.

Nothing really stays forever; they grow up, leave, and die.

Some suggest we live a better life and enjoy all that come our way.

As we grow older, some suggest going vegetarian, eating balanced meals, watching one’s sugar intake, and tackling obesity head-on. Yes, a healthy lifestyle is a must.

Some suggest we cultivate and maintain strong family ties and a good parent-child relationship. Some insist that we be more sensitive to the plight of the elderly.

Some say that we must reach out to those in need; some say we must discover out potentials in life; and some say we must be environment friendly inhabitants.

They are all beautiful and splendid ideas and suggestions.

But just how many of us are living a healthy lifestyle, having solid family ties, helpful and friendly, and become self-help, self-improved and self-managed individuals? And what about environment friendly?!

The key to living a better life is to know we can do that; not mere talk, conversation or argument. It is to firmly settled in our beliefs and go on with our practices.

Life is so uncertain and so unexpected.

But just how many of us care about it until it is too late?

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