Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Turn Over A New Leaf

We can’t determine the length of our life span or the impression we can make on others, but we can always live life to the fullest and be a great help to those in dire need.

Our daily lives needn’t revolve around certain individuals who have dominance and power over us; we needn’t feel scared or threatened if we are doing what we are supposed to do and we have done it to the best of our ability. Living up to his or her expectations is desirable but needn’t be the only goal in life.

We are masters and leaders of our own lives, and we determine the roles we play in the societies. Our failures and successes in life will be determined by the decisions we have taken for ourselves.

While saying so, I am not denying that we are servants and stewards of God doing His biddings. And this realization and contemplation should spur us on to reach our full potential and give our best in life.

Nervous and uncertain people always love to shy away from challenges in life. They dare not try to address pressing issues at hand; they rather wallow themselves in self-pity, anger, and misery. And I believe we needn't be like that!

I believe none of us is born a loser; we are not defeated people. We all have potential and we all have wonderful qualities and gifts that we can use and share with others. We just need to find out what they are and what we actually want to achieve in life.

Everything comes naturally in time.

We will have our turn and we will make our world come alive.

Just learn to take things one step at a time.

But don’t tarry.

Make quick and careful decisions and move on fast.

Life is a constant struggle and an endless adventure.

But it’s fun and it’s rewarding.

There's no time like now to turn over a new leaf.

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