Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The English Language

It is difficult to learn something new, especially things that has nothing to do with our culture, tradition, history, or our ways of life. And I find this is especially true in the study of the English language.

For many of us, English language is not our mother tongue. It is not even part of our culture and tradition, our history and heritage, our ways of life and work, etc.

But surprisingly many of us have the English language as our second language, and some of us have a good command of English; and we read, write and speak very fluent English.

The usage of the English language is widespread and its applications are far reaching in my country. Virtually everything we think, say or do has something to do with the English language. There are even words in my mother tongue that are difficult to describe and explain without using the English language.

But it appears to me that many young people in my country are not interested in learning the proper English. They do know how to sing and play English songs, and they enjoy English movies and drama, but they have a hard time reading, writing and speaking English.

Sometimes I do question what we must do to make our people learn the English language.

Maybe teachers can try to make the English lessons more interesting and fun, and find ways to encourage and motivate students to learn the English language more quickly and easily.

Maybe teachers should stress the increasing importance and predominance of the English language in the modern world, and encourage students to pick up English as an important language.

Sometimes I wonder whether English language should be made the medium of instruction in my country again!

Once there was a policy to teach the Science and Mathematics subjects in the English language. The policy was scrapped after several years of implementation because of the overwhelming disagreement from the general public.

Sometimes I felt worried and frustrated at the attitude and willingness of our younger generation to learn the English language.

And I always think that there are more that we can do.

The English language is not a boring language.

The English language is not the hardest language.

But it is probably the most read, written and studied language.

And I believe every developing nation must encourage and promote the English language.

What do you think?


Chudexs said...

Nice read, thanks for shared.

Con Artist Trickster said...

No one can deny that English is the most widely used language now. It's not my mother tongue either and I'm still in the process to improve it.

In my opinion, there's no other way to master language (any language) but by using it. Language is about custom, habit. Kind of learning by doing thing. So, to be able to master it, we have to use it.

yeokeehui@gmail.com said...

Chudexs - Thanks for coming on board.

Con Artist Trickter - I agree with you that without practicing it, we will never speak, read and write proper English. Thanks for sharing.