Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Three Adult Children

I have three adult children of my own. My wife and I have been married for 22 years come this August 2011. Two are studying in the other part of the country and the youngest is studying closer to home. They are aged 21, 20, and 17.

My eldest is a girl.

She loves making cakes and cookies. Every university holiday and festive holiday she will come back and one of her favorite past time is to make cake or cookie.

She is a close friend to her mother. They have a lot of things, knowledge and experience to share and they are talking to one another through the cell phone almost everyday.

My daughter is doing computer studies in a renowned local university. And she is doing well and is showing more confidence in her life and study.

My second is a boy.

He loves books and he is very disciplined. There are times when he buries himself in his books and forget about every other thing.

He is a close friend to his mother too. Occasionally, he will phone his mom, talking and sharing about everyday routines. But when he needs advices and opinions on academic and financial matters, he will look for me.

My son is doing his IB program locally and will be in UK later in the year.

My youngest is a girl.

She is active in sports and student activities, and always busy in school. Her teachers love her, and always want her to help in various activities.

She is also a close friend to her mother. They always have a lot to share and talk. Sometimes, she help to cook and do the house chores.

She is in her secondary school and is doing really well too.

I am proud of my children.

And I love them.

How about you?

How many children should a family have?
Is it better to have a girl or a boy first

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eDITORcHRIS said...


I find it oddly refreshing to see you call them your adult children because I come from a family where, at 21 (going on 22 in March), I am the second youngest and am always considered a kid unless a person needs me to do something for them (which includes but is not limited to taking care of my six nephews and nieces, ages 6-16, from my three elder sisters). I could blame it on my 26-year-old brother still being home and, therefore, disrupting the natural flow of things but what's even weirder is my little bro who is a year and a half younger than me doesn't have that issue...maybe because he is taller but anyway, he recently moved hundreds of miles away from my parent's house with little objection while I can barely walk to the post office without interrogation. I don't get it! said...

My children are old enough to make their own decisions. In fact, all of them can travel on their own and be responsible adults. I believe the moment your parents believe they can trust you in everything you say and do, and you have begun to help in making family decisions, your are adult enough to everyone. LOL