Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Alone And Bored

You are alone and bored. You sit down in the hallway. You look at the people; they are busy doing their own things. Some talk to the cell phone; some speak with friends or clients; some read newspapers and magazine; some enjoy music with their headphone and some were watching the TV programs.

No one looks at you; no one greets you. You are stranger to them. And you sit down alone on your cushion, sipping a cup of hot drink.

You used to have friends around you. You used to sit down together, sharing, laughing, smiling, eating, etc. It is fun and joy when you are surrounded with friends. But today you are alone... and bored.

You don't read a lot, or you will have read the newspapers and magazine.

You don't enjoy listening to music and watching TV programs in public places, or you will have joined the few sitting over there.

You do enjoy using cell phone. But no one is phoning you and no one seems to answer your call.

You are alone... and bored. And you are in a strange place with strange people. What would you do?

You look around, and you look out of a window. It is a beautiful scenery with trees and flowers, and there are people walking around and sitting on benches. You feel the urge to go there; you want to come out of your boredom.

You walk down the front porch of the hotel. There is a cool breeze in the early morning sunshine. You realize it is one of the nicest thing to do, seeing people nodding, smiling and greeting you. For the first time you ask yourself why you have never thought of it before. A stroll in the park. Isn't it beautiful?

You sit down on a stone bench. It is a cold, hard bench. But you enjoy the cooling sensation. Then you look at the morning dews on the leaves, sparkling in the sunlight. You like it, and you smile your sweetest smile.

You walk on the garden path and climb the many stairs. You are sweating and breathing heavy. It must have been a long while since you climb a long and winding stairs.

A look from the top is nice. Now you see many things in one stretch and many happenings. Now you understand how lonely and bored people can be when they refuse to greet, nod, smile, talk, and laugh with other people.

You found your answer. You climb down the long and winding stairs with a happy heart. You greet everyone. You nod your head, ready with a sweet smile. Sometimes you even stop and talk to people, and you laugh together.

You take your bath, and eat your breakfast.

You greet, you nod, you smile, and you talk and laugh with people.

Now you realize it.

Life can be so much better.


sarah said...

you did this? all i can say is amen to that:)

yeokeehui said...

Thanks, sarah.
Welcome aboard.