Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Giving away Children

I have a friend who was given away by her mother to her elder sister when she was just a very young girl.

My friend have many brothers and sisters, but her mother just couldn't support them all. The time was bad and there was much difficulty in finding jobs around. The commodity prices were so low; it was difficult to make ends meet. After much thought, her mother quietly decided to give her away to her elder sister who didn't have a child. The plan was talked over and the arrangement was made, soon my friend began to live with her adopted mother.

She had a good life with her adopted family. She was given everything she wanted, and she had a happy childhood there.

Her biological mother continued to visit her. But then, her daughter was starting to call her "auntie", since she was now officially her younger aunt.

It was 25 years later that her adopted mother passed away.

On the night before she passed away, she revealed to her her biological mother.

My friend had a difficult time accepting the astonishing news. It was impossible; she cried and cried until her heart was broken.

It was many years later that she finally accept her biological mother. It was not easy for her, but then her biological mother was on sickbed.

The two of them talked heartily and cried together for hours......

Would you give away your child because of poverty? Would you leave him or her with good family whom you can trust? Would you reveal to him or her your true identity?

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Star-chuu said...

When I decided to separate from my x-husband, I get my daughter and we live together though I still no job before. It was a hard time for me because I don't know how to start our new life. I am undergraduate, but skilled experience, I find extra jobs while working as a volunteer in my work. I struggled from hardship, I worked 15hours a day. I sacrifice my time for my daughter in order to survive in our daily lives. But I never never think to give my daughter to other person, because for me she is my life. I live because she needs me. Now, we survived from hardship and we are now starting to receive the fruits of sacrifice and labor.

Three years ago, a minor lady gave me a son, I adopted him though my financial condition is not stable. Now, he is grown up and happy with us. When I accept this little boy from his mother, I told her, to visit her son, and i am still willing to give his son if she is financially stable. My baby boy is intelligent, he can understand easily. I always say to him, that He is a gift from God and I am his guardian. Her mom loves him so much. You're friend is lucky because there is someone who cared and gave him a good future. He must be thankful too to his mother. Because in everything theres a reason. God bless Yeo Kee Hui said...

Thanks Star-chuu, you always impressed me with your true stories. You have a good heart. God bless you too in all your undertakings.