Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cats Are Intelligent

I have nine cats at home. My family and I are happy to have them around the house.

We started with a crippled kitten more than 10 years ago, when we moved into our new home. It was a white female cat left behind by her mother. I remembered seeing her mother came back a few times but refused to bring her along, probably knowing that she was in good hand.

Keeping cats was not our specialty; it was not an easy job for us. It was just that our children loved cats, so my wife and I decided to keep them behind the house.

My wife was very patient and kind when it came to taking care of our cats. She talked to them, taught them, gave them food and drink, etc. Sometimes I just sat by her side and smiled and laughed.

Initially the cats were terrible; they did their jobs everywhere. But in a year or two, they surprised us by urinating and passing feces in the wet toilet floor. Maybe cats are smart and clever too, and they can learn things fast.

From the start, we also faced problems feeding them; our cats just couldn't eat and share their food together. So we had to have separate plate of food for each one of them. Apparently they were happy that way and could eat very nicely and slowly. Of course, there would be those with insatiable appetite who continued to steal food from their 'family, relatives, and friends'.

I remembered when our first cat delivered her babies for the first time, we had problems and difficulties understanding and looking after her. We lacked the necessary experiences and we didn't know what to do. She finally gave birth after heavy bleeding; we lost our first two kittens that year. And the mother cat cried for days. But we were relieved that there were no more dead kittens after that incident.

All my cats knew how to lick and clean their body thoroughly, and a few even helped their friends to clean their body too. I believe cats are clean animal and they enjoy a clean environment too.

We have many cats and they are all very nice cats. We give away many, but we continue to have more to give.

It is our desire to keep some of our cats with us since they help us to finish our remainder food, and help us to deal with the rats and cockroaches.

But we continue to reduce the number of cats we keep, since there will come a time when we will be doing a lot of traveling. The children have grown up; two are studying far away and the youngest is planning to further her study soon.

But we love cats very much and we continue to feed our cats and other cats that visit our home. They come and then go, but surprisingly we have some who prefer to stay with us.

Do you have cats?

Do you think cats are intelligent?

Do you think cats are intelligent more by nature or by training?

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