Saturday, May 28, 2011

How Much Money?

We need money to buy all we want. It is next to impossible to provide for all our needs ourselves in the modern world.

Some people need a lot of money. They have many different commitments and responsibilities, and their lives revolve around the tedious task of obtaining more money everyday.

Some people live a simple lifestyle. What is important to them is to fulfill the basic needs of life; other things are secondary. They don't need a lot of money to keep them satisfied.

Some people prefer to work on their own and multiply their money. They are self made entrepreneurs. They may start with a small business venture, but they are always thinking and planning ahead on how to be successful and make themselves rich.

Some would bow to pressures in life, and choose rather to work for other people. They are used to the working routines doing what they are asked. They make money too, though not that much.

But then, there are also others whose hope is on the lottery tickets. They would examine and analyze the various number combinations and think of a few lucky numbers. Then they would buy some lotteries, and hope for the best.

Life is tough, especially when life is not smooth sailing. Many of us have become slaves to money. Without money, we are unable to make ends meet.

Some people want lots of money. But too much money is also not a good choice. There are people whose eyes and hearts are opened wide to money. They always want more, but they are seldom satisfied, even after they have obtained so much in life.

I enjoy having the few necessities in life, and therefore I don't need a lot of money.

A simple lifestyle is good; we don't always have to worry so much about how to earn more.

How about you?

Just how much money is enough for you?


RW said...

You can only be happy if you have money and not owing a single cent of debt. said...

How true. We need money to buy what we need. Who wants to beg? Who want to owe people money?