Friday, August 8, 2008

The Bird Is Ready To Fly

It is not easy to be separated from our loved ones after we have taken care of them for so many years. We have loved and cherished them the moment they were born. We have nourished them and kept them safe and sound physically and spiritually. And the thoughts of separation pricks our hearts and wear us out.

But the fact is that our children are growing up. Whether we like it or not, our children have learnt how to kick, how to turn, how to crawl, how to sit, how to stretch out their hands and feet, and in a blink of our eyes, they have learnt how to stand up and get ready to walk and run. Time waits for nobody. The bird is ready to fly...

We are worried how they will fare without our leadership, advice and guidance. Will they be ready to face the rising challenges? Can they readily cultivate more friendships and more help groups? Will they stay focused in seeking, finding and achieving all their goals? Will they succumb to the trials and temptations of the world? Our minds plagued with deterring thoughts but we finally decide to let them go. The bird is ready to fly...

Poor old man, let loose of your hands and let them free. Let them fly. Let them soar on high. Let them chase after their visions with their youthful and energetic spirit. Let them take charge, face and conquer every single battle that come along their ways. Let them go...Let them fly... May God help us take good care of them. Amen and Amen.

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