Saturday, August 2, 2008

You Were Once In Love With Me

By Elliott

The morning has come and so you must go
like the morning's dew or winter's snow
I'll see you again when your back in town
to calm this hectic chaos down
you were once in love with me
then you found a more reliable dependency
one that wouldn't leave you for another
and the greater expense wasn't that much of a bother
so now you've stranded me to find
a different kind of piece of mind
one that can't accomplish a simple feat
and just like a piece it's incomplete
you should clean up or I should tell you to leave
you say you want to cause you know I'm naive
but the feeling lingers and the absence I dread
and life is the sun it's always over my head
too bright to see it for what it is
and when you finally get it the season changes
but it's our fault orbiting to different position

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