Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Will We Love Everyone?

Ideal Love

God had made Eve for Adam as his ideal companion. Eve was to assist and to complement Adam's life on earth. Together they worked hard and did wonders to their world and the world at large. As they multiplied, love traveled and ideally brought glad tidings to the world.

Sinful Love

But all is lost in the split of a second. They sinned against the Almighty God by breaking His law. And to that end, they lost their loving care for one another. Though they gained much in knowledge, but all their inclinations and desires is none other than sinning against God and all His creation.

Selfish Love

And so we become so selfish. We love our kind. We love our group, our clan and association. We love our race. We love those of same interests and concerns. We love OUR VERY OWN WORLD. Heaven knows how selfish is our love.

We are blessed with so many friends during our childhood years. We have fewer friends as we go to schools and colleges. Yet more friends are lost as we compete and strife for "excellence" in the working world.

We only mean to love our own self. We desire to possess love at the expense of others. As long as we are happy and satisfied, we can inflict upon others severe harms and pains. If others stand in our way, we will have no mercy and never fail to intimidate and hassle them until they are not within sight. We are so ill will and ferocious towards others even if they watch us from afar. We are ready to pounce on them given the opportunity. How deep is our hatred toward others after all these years.

Sacrificial Love

If you are watchful, you will notice that everyone is beautiful on the inside and outside. It is on you to be the judge whether someone is a good person to love or not. Being a bad judge doesn’t make you an “interesting” individual; it just makes you evil.

Everyone can have if they choose to love. Love is what you do and how you treat people, and that is what we will always need to work on!

It is hard to love but it is possible to learn to love everyone no matter how much pain they have caused. Let us do it prayerfully.

Will we love everyone?

Let us try to do this daily. It is hard and sometimes does not seem to make much sense but it is a goal everyone should aspire too.

Try to look at someone you don’t even know. They are no different from your friends and family. When you can see deeper, you can understand who they are. Has it ever happened to you?

It is more evident when there is someone who seems sad. You look into their eyes, and it is almost as if their whole life plays out in that split second. And when you see that pain, that hurt in their eyes, it’s almost like you would do ANYTHING to make them happy. It’s all you truly want.

Despite everything, the hatred in the world, the decisions people may make, everyone is still equal, but the factor that sets us apart is our ability to ACCEPT others. When you can start to realize that everyone is an amazing enigma, that beauty is everywhere, that life is a miracle created by love, then it is easier to love everyone.

When you love everyone, you want to help everyone. That is when you can make the difference in the world, because you have an undying passion for people. Once you attain that love for all, it never goes away, because it is the strongest force known to man, because loving all gives you a feeling of euphoria, a feeling that causes your eyes to widen and take in everything like a sponge, you truly love life, and you just can’t stop smiling. (Reflections on Mother Teresa.)

This belief makes it all much easier to appreciate people. Everyone has good attributes and bad ones, what is important is to realize that not a single one of them is bad, because we all make mistakes and have defects. In the end we are all just humans. It is so easy to hate each other but being around people you love is very fulfilling. This makes us happy.

Believe it my fellow friends, being judgmental, angry and disdain towards others get you nowhere in this lovely world created by our Almighty God.

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