Wednesday, February 18, 2009


This is our final 100 steps.

It is not an easy decision but we make up our mind to go through it.

We have been friends and lovers for a very long time now. Yet we have so much disagreements and conflicts between us. We seldom see things eyes to eyes. We are always stubborn and rude to one another, and we can't communicate for a long while without an argument. And now we have started smearing each other's reputations and hurting each other's feelings. It is just too painful to continue with the way things are. Let's just part and say goodbye.

It is not easy to step out our first few steps. Our hearts are torn apart with griefs and pains. Our tears start to flow like rain. And our every step is really slow and heavy.

We silently move on a few more steps. It is never easy to part with someone you truly love and care. But it has to be done. We are not meant for each other.

Our breathing is getting heavier and we are moaning louder. We don't seem to care about the people we pass. We are oblivious of the heavy traffic around us. Deep inside us, we can still hear the still small voice, "No, no... Please don't go."

We pause for a moment, yearning to turn back and say we are sorry. But our ego urges us to do otherwise.

The night is dark and cold, shiver to the bones. You must be cold. See, the strong winds and the rain. It is a cold and lonely night. And our hearts are really cold. But we have another fifty steps to go.

We are 100 feet apart now. We are half way through our final journey. Another 50 steps, we will be total strangers. What happens if we see each others again often?

It is not easy to get away from this place. We have so much memories here. Here we smile and laugh heartily together. Here we love and cherish one another. Here we sow all our love and care. And here we cry and ....

The rain is getting heavy. Everyone starts to run. But we slowly continue our final journey. Vehicles speed through, splashing all over our body.

The 100th step finally comes. It is really a torture. How can I put down that final step? It takes so long to grow that relationship. It takes so long to nourish it and make it blossoms. How can cruel...let it die and no more?

I stop and I turn around... Oh, please don't go.................................

The I see you, right in front of me, swelling with tears, telling me softly that you are sorry.

And we hug and we kiss for a long long while...................................

Then someone startled me from my musing, "Sir, we are closed for the day."

I woke up with a awkward smile, and hurried shyly out of the cafe.


GAGAY said...



Shinade said...

oh Nooooooo for real???? Or just fiction?

I hope not for real!!!

Oh please forgive me for asking this. but, I am desperate.

How in the world and where did you get your top droppers link list.

I have tried and tried to figure it out with Goolge.

Could you please please drop by my site and help me understand?

Oh I so hope you seem so very nice!!

Oh I do so hope you didn't break up for real!!!!

Hi Gagay:-)))) said...

Hi Gagay, how are you? Still looking for distant love?
The story is real but exaggerated...
Shinade, I would like to help. May I have your E-mail address?

Star-chuu said...

huhuhu!! tearing me up...i can truly relate just like my story..