Saturday, February 14, 2009

How Little That I Know

When we are young, we enjoy exploring our dream world. We are so eager to learn that we can't wait to get up from our bed every morning. Each day brings new adventure. And nothing seems to stop us from pursuing the things of the world.

From very early, we are told to seek knowledge. Knowledge can free us from ignorance, and empower us to live more consciously and to engage in life with greater understanding. Knowledge can give us the wisdom to lead the life successfully. Knowledge can give us comfort. Knowledge can give us the wisdom to make superior decisions. And knowledge can give us guidance to overcome problems we meet in the daily life.

As we grow, we discover that there are so much to learn and there are so much that we have learned. But there is no end in our search for knowledge and wisdom. We delve deeper and wider into our fields of expertise, and we are feeling proud of all our advancements and achievements. We become experts in our fields of work. But deep inside, we are aware that we are far from perfection.

Some have dedicated all their time and effort to perfecting the knowledge they have learned. They engross themselves in the study of their knowledge. And many of them begin to worship their knowledge rather than God the Creator who has given them the knowledge and wisdom.

And then we grow old. We find ourselves unable to pace our life according to our knowledge. We often spill our food and drink, we slip and fall, we doze off easily while watching TV, we walk with shaking knees and legs, and we easily forget the things we say or do. Heaven knows how frail and venerable we have become.

Then we begin to treasure every breath we draw, every step we take, every food we eat, and everything we see, hear, or smell. Life has become so wonderful, and we begin to marvel at God our Creator who have given abundantly all our needs and wants.

And then we sigh at our folly. All the years we have been chasing after the wind, not knowing that life is so simple. From the beginning, God has designed us to worship Him and enjoy Him forever.

Oh God! How little that I know.


DrBurst said...

I do not have much to add, but that post was amazing and very deep, please keep blogging. I'm sorry if I waste your time with my small comment, but that post touched me.

Kikit said...

carpe diem! :) said...

There is so much to learn and unlearn, in order to live a simple and contented lifestyle that the Almighty God has given.