Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Children, We Have Dreams For You Too

I believe as parents, we desire to see our children enjoy a happier and a healthier lifestyle then what we are having now.

I believe many of us are working very hard to provide for our children and to prepare them toward this end.

Sometimes some of us do feel like giving up managing our ever disillusioned world and just let life runs its course. And many of us have since given up all hopes for a better lifestyle.

The present economic downturns have fed many with tears and sorrows. It is even harder for us to meet our basic needs now than before, more so if we wish to fulfill our children' desires.

But deep inside every parent is the dream for their children to enjoy a better life.

We want our children to enjoy a healthier lifestyle filled with regular indoor and outdoor exercises. We want them to be more relax. We have been busy chasing after our life that we have forgone the luxury of exercise and recreation. We are getting more tense, more anxious and more worrisome. Sometimes even our weekends are filled with business activities and we hardly spend times with our family. We definitely want our children to live a fuller and a well-balanced lifestyle.

We want our children to be ready to face and to deal with their problems. We want them to be better prepared. We don't want them to always have the inclination to avoid problems or to run away from problems as soon as they arise. If they are well prepared, they can have a more successful life. Some of us are still living a defeated life, and have no desire at all to change. And we don't want our children to be like that, battered by every wave and the storm of life...bent and withered by toil and age...

We want our children to cultivate good fellowships and relationships with others. We want them to enjoy the peace, the joy and the love of living in harmony and unity with their neighbors. We want them to be helpful and loving people. We have been self-seeking and self-pleasing all this while and we have failed to establish close and intimate relationships with others. We are living a detached life and we are getting lonelier as time goes by.

We want our children to develop proper goals in their life. We want them to find purpose and meaning to their lives. We want them to be more positive and optimistic in their outlook of life. We want them to aim and to plan carefully for their future. We want them to carefully monitor every step of their life. We want them to adapt to change or to completely reorientate their lives whenever necessary. We don't want them to live a miserable and meaningless life as we do, and we don't want to see them bogged down in their works and lives.

But will they recognize and appreciate our love and sacrifices?

Oh children, do you know that we parents have dreams for you too?


Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

I think the best way to teach children all these things is to model it as parents. I'm still learning relationships are more important than accomplishments.

Sommerset said...

Since children 0-6 years is the best for learning, parents must realize this.
Most of them think that they are still don't understand what they are saying.
Saying rude word or act something bad, the children see and remember it deep in their mind. said...

I believe every generation of parents must learn to improve they lifestyle for the benefits of their descendants. Taking life for granted will make us less respected and cost harm to our future generations.

Youth Care said...

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