Wednesday, July 1, 2009

You Are So Wonderful To Me

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I just can't imagine how important she is to me. She is leaning on me when we are on our trip home from Kuala Lumpur to Kuching. She is plain tired and her face is really pale, and.... she is snoring. We have accompanied our eldest daughter to Universiti Malaya. Earlier, on Monday, we have accompanied our only son to Kolej Mara Banting to further his study. Traveling twice in a roll within a week have really bogged her down. Besides, the intermittent shopping trips and the many house chores had really drained her. I can't imagine how the children fare without her and I for sure can't live without her. My shoulder is made especially for her, anytime and anywhere. She is my beloved wife in her early 40s. And I'm glad to have her beside me.

Love is not just a feeling. But love is definitely emotional and affectionate. God has prepared my wife specially for me. Our life together is a journey full of challenges and struggles. But our love for one another is full of tender loving care. And with each passing moment, our love for one another has deepened with better understandings, respects, and concerns.

Love is not just a thought. Pictures and videos may hold many sweet episodes of romantic moments. But love is that moving pictures that seem to form and reform and transform into many lovely images that tickle my heart and my soul continually. We began with love of many words and many egos. But we have fewer words now but more concerns and considerations for one another. Love has become an on going thought that fill us with optimism and ambition to proceed to quality lifestyle.

Love is not just acting. Gifts and intimacy may do wonders and fill our lives wit more energy and excitement. But true love means sacrificing all we are and all we have. Love has become an on going habit and hobby to satisfy our love ones.

I stare at my wife with love and sympathy.

Her snoring has stopped. Her face is no more pale. She is breathing steady and she is smiling in her sleep.

Thanks, my dear. You are so wonderful to me.


KAT said...

She is indeed lucky to have you! You write with such love that I can feel it jump off the page.

I wanted to tell you that I love this blog, along with your others, and I have given you an award at my blog:

Congrats! You deserve it!
Have a great day!
Kat :)

Empty Streets said...


Thanks so much for dropping by at Empty Streets 1027 via Entrecard :) Am here to return the favor and to see what great stuff you have here :) Hope to see yah around more and do enjoy your weekend :) xoxo

Empty Streets 1027

bliss said...

hi just dropping by

Salute said...

I believe that love is the greatest emotion in the world.

Anonymous said...

Wow! She is so lucky to have you. I wish I can also find someone like you...

Sexy in the Stars said...

How romantic...she must be very lucky to have found you dear.