Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Local Panic

It was early morning when my wife received a telephone call from my mother-in-law living in a village 20km away. She screamed to the phone... One of my nieces were having a high fever.

For the past few weeks, everyone seemed to be afraid of the H1N1. Due to lack of exposure to the medias, not many people knew what proper measures to take. Besides, more and more people were getting more and more confused as to what precautions to take when there were so many "experts" around.

Everyone who had flu, cough, and high fever would be panicky and afraid to move around. What if the spread of the H1N1 virus became uncontrollable and unmanageable? Will the world come to a stand still?

We phoned our sister-in-law who was working 100km away. And we decided to buy the necessary medication in a local clinic. It was just not safe to bring her to the nearby hospital where there might be suspected cases of H1N1.

Oh... How can we do to stop the spread of H1N1?

How do we contain it?

Will there be a proper cure?

The local folks look up helplessly to the sky.

They were panic-stricken.

So many natural disasters and epidemics these past years...

When will the Judgment Day be?

God have mercy upon our souls....


Normand said...

I hope for the early recovery of your niece.

plin said...

Hopefully everything turns out for the best. The panic level seems to have picked up everywhere around the world.

MAC said...

It seems to me that the only thing we can do is be careful wherever we go and pray for for cures.