Saturday, August 8, 2009

We Are Not That Poor

Many of us work in government or private sector with fixed and ready income. For some of us, that is our only source of revenue. Some of us do get ourselves involved in many other money making activities. Nevertheless, working with other people has taken up a major portion of our time everyday.

Many of us are unable to meet our ends with our meager salary and ever increasing food prices. And the fact that many of us are thrown out of jobs during the present economic crisis has caused many of us to give up all hope of living.

Some of us have put our money in the property markets. We buy shop houses, shop space, or commercial property. We invest in houses, flats, villas and resorts. We collect rentals and charges. We buy and sell properties.

But situation changes fast. The economic crisis has adversely affected the business world. Not many are willing to invest in businesses and real estate. Not many want to buy properties. And there are the high operating cost and interest payments on bank loans to look after.

Some of us invest most of our money in stock market, commodity market, and foreign exchange market. Market sentiments are really bad and many of us are losing money. We have incurred great loss but too late to get out. We are badly burnt by the markets.

We want big money but many of us just don't want to work hard.

I have seen newspaper vendors working hard at 3.00 every morning, distributing newspapers despite the heavy rains and thunderstorms just to make ends meet.

I have seen vegetable, fruit, fish, and meat hawkers who are smiling away every evening with their daily sale.

I have seen food, drink, souvenir, and various retail stalls that never run out of customers.

These are people who desire just to live and feed their family with their own hands.

And there are many more among us.

Yet, here we are, still not satisfied with what we have and what we are.

Look around and see how so many of the poor are still having a decent living.

We are not that poor. Aren't we?

Shouldn't we fare much better than them?

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