Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Smile Can Make All The Difference

Smiling can make us look younger and more attractive.

Our smile is always the first thing people take notice.


Smiling can change our mood.

Smiling can boost our confidence.

A smile can always brighten our darkest day.


Smiling can be contagious.

When we smile, we help to change the moods of others, and make them happy.

A warm and genuine smile can go a long way in making all of us happy.


Smiling can relieves stress.

Smiling helps to prevent us from looking tired, worn down, and overwhelmed.


Smiling helps our immune system to work better.

When we smile, our immune function will improve because we are more relaxed.

A smile can make us live longer.


Smiling reduces our blood pressure.

A healthy smile can last a lifetime.


Smiling can make us more successful.

Smiling makes us more confident.

We are more likely to be promoted.

We are more likely to be approached at meetings and appointments and people will react to us differently.


Smiling can help us to stay positive.

A bright and beautiful smile may land us the job we want.


So let us remember to smile more often....

Remember, when we smile, the whole world will be smiling with us.

Don't wait for others to smile at us first.

Let us start by smiling at them first.

Remember, a smile can change lives, alter situations, calm us down, and break down walls.

A smile can make a tremendous impact both on our personal and professional relationships.

A smile can even have a positive effect on bullies...

Let us smile more often, and live a better day.


PJ said...

i always try to smile at everyone that i pass. sometimes i get some strange looks, but it doesn't matter, i will still smile.

Julehya said...

I am often asked what my secrets are for long healthy life; One reason I always give which should not be a secret is that, I let smile rule my life

Vera said...

A smile does go a long long way :)