Saturday, August 1, 2009

Loneliness Kills

I am alone in my double storey terrace house when I realize just how quiet my house can be.

Initially there are five of us living in this house.

But my elder son and daughter are now studying in West Malaysia.

And my wife and I, and our younger daughter remain here in Sarawak, on the island of Borneo, the beautiful land of the hornbill.

Already the three of us have openly or silently complained about the big house.

And now I am left alone at home.

My wife has gone jogging and my younger daughter cycling.

Oh! Just how lonely can a loner be?! I start to question myself.

And so I start to think about it and let my thoughts flow freely... to this blog.


I believe Adam was lonely.

God had given him the garden of Eden to cultivate and to take care.

He must have been happy with his daily workload. Everything thrived and grew well under the most wonderful conditions, by the grace of God.

He must have been happy with the natural surroundings and the beautiful landscapes. He must have been enjoying the amazing and breathtaking scenery. And his personal experiences everyday must have given him sweet dreams every night and caused him to chuckle in delight.

He had all the living creatures as his friends and neighbors. He must have taken good care of them and they in turn must have taken good care of him.

The beautiful flowers, plants, and trees must have brighten his days and made him even more optimistic and enthusiastic about life.

But Adam was terribly lonely even with what he had.

And he made his request known to God the Creator.


Adam needed family ties.

Adam needed human relatives and friends.

Adam needed the humankind for companions and fellowships.

Adam needed the human race community.


And so God granted Adam's wish.

He gave him Eve as his life partner and soul mate.

And God promised to bless him and give him a big family.

They were to multiply the earth.


And so the human race evolved and spread across the globe all these years.

And with it came human happiness and sorrow.

And with it came human culture and civilization.

And with it came human history and dominance.

And with it came tender loving care and......loneliness.


Some say loneliness kills.

And so they want to relive the old Adam.

They become nature enthusiasts.

They become animal or plant lovers.

They become outdoor explorers and adventurers.

They live a secluded life away from the eyes of the public and the troubles of the world.

And they think they will be happy and free.

They are yet another Adam in agony.


No, with so many people around, loneliness needs not kill.

If no one seems to understand us, learn to show interests to those who need understanding. Sooner or later, there will be mutual understanding and fun.

If no one seems to care about us, learn to show tender loving care to those in need of love. Sooner or later, they will be mutual love and care.

If no one seem to want to talk to us, learn to show concerns and interests to those who are in-need of listening ears. Sooner or later, we will be able to make our voice heard.

If no one want to be with us, learn to be with someone who need our companion and friend. Sooner or later, we will be beaming with smiles and laughter.


It is common among us to be lonely.

But no one needs to be a loner. Do we?


All About Samarinda said...

Hi Yeo Kee Hui...
Nice blog....
I've visit to drop your E-card, friend!

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yoon see said...

Well, there are time to be alone and time for gathering!
I don't get to meet my friends and former collegemates that often. they are more busier than me but i don't feel lonely!
One need to find the hobby they like and invest quality time in it!
that's why one needs to have different circles of riend!
Hope you are feeling better.
blogging is a good way to communicate!
I am working and taking care of the chores at home.
Definitely, blogging and commenting do take up my time.
I need to reduce the time on net!

Mike Foster said...

There is a difference between being alone and being lonely. I have hours of alone time everyday, since I work at home. But I am seldom lonely, since I share my life with my lovely wife and friends.


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