Sunday, May 2, 2010

What Looks Beautiful May Not Be Beautiful Inside

The room that I was in had two rows of fluorescent tubes. There were 15 lights in all; one had blown out.

They looked bright enough for everyone to do their work or daily activities.

Some teachers were enjoying their meal and drink; some busy checking students’ progress; some doing last minute preparations before entering the class; and some reading alone or talking together with laughter and friendliness.

There were 12 ceiling fans, 10 were turned on.

The room was very cooling with enough air conditioners, matching window curtains, and the tinted black windows.

I liked the room; ideal for work and concentration.

I was here because the building I worked in was undergoing rewiring.

There were frequent blackouts for the past many months. Technicians and seasoned workers were consulted to determine the causes and the solutions to the problem.

Nothing much could be done; the building was old; the power was overloaded; the wires were concealed; the roof was leaking… you named it.

What looks beautiful may not be beautiful inside.

I had a good look of the staffroom again.

It would be easier to learn of the causes and the solutions if there was a power failure.

Maybe I am more suited to the ancient styled room, I sighed.


navymats said...

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editor said...

Yes,I agree with you.