Thursday, May 20, 2010

When Will We Come to Him?

Adam was lonely until he met Eve.

So are we.

We move and have our being, and we share everything with our loved ones.

We spend time with our family and relatives.

We enjoy meeting our colleagues and fellow workers.

And we move around happily with our neighbors and friends.

We share our problems and difficulties. We need listening ears and understanding hearts; we need those who can help analyze and solve problems; and we need those who can alleviate our pain and suffering.

We share our love, enthusiasm, joy, hope, and care. We desire to preserve and strengthen family ties, mend broken friendships, and restore long lost relationships.

We share our visions, missions, and goals; we desire motivation and direction; we desire assistance and cooperation; and we desire them to wish us well and to pray for us.

But I wonder how often we spend time with God our Father.

We come to Him only when we have problems and difficulties.

We come to Him only to seek His grace, mercy, and abundant blessings.

We praise Him only in public; we have no room for Him in our private life.

We desire to do things our way and we don’t want Him to hold our hand.

But when we fall, we cry; more miserably when our feeling is very hurt.

Yet we never realize that God our Father is waiting.

He is waiting for us to come to Him.

God also wants to be our friend.

When will we come to Him?

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