Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Better Late Than Never

A fellow teacher was complaining about his teachers for not teaching him how to study effectively for his exams. He didn’t know how to strategize properly; he recited, memorized, and recalled every fact, sentence, and figure he learned; he studied hard but he didn’t do well in his public exam.

It was a big blow for him. He saw and heard of his friends furthering their studies locally and oversea.

He resigned to his fate and entered a teaching college. Years later, he began his teaching career. He got married and settled down, with sons and daughters.

The children had grown up and were furthering their studies locally and oversea. The fire and desire to learn then rooted deeply in his heart; he decided to come back; he wanted to continue his study.

It wasn’t an easy decision but he finally made up his mind: It’s better late than never.

We were supervising exam when we had this conversation. We were discussing why students today give up so easily half way through their study. We were disheartened and disillusioned with the discipline problems in the school.

Why can’t they see the importance of study?

We have learned through experience the importance of knowledge. Now that we are wiser, we seek more knowledge and understanding.

Maybe we need to instill this knowledge into the students before it is too late: Knowledge is the bridge to a brighter future.

It’s better late than never. But why be late?

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