Friday, May 14, 2010

Winning The Game

I was watching a badminton match between Malaysia and Denmark.

It was a quarter final match of the Thomas Cup.

I had a good look at the player I loved.

I enjoyed watching him playing his game. I examined his footwork and studied how he initiated his attacks, how he smashed, lopped and netted unhurriedly, and how he executed his powerful and explosive shots. It was very unpredictable sometimes as to what his next moves would be and where the shuttlecock would land.

I looked at the opponent, interested in knowing how he adapted to the game. He was very good in defense and very fast in counter attack. I enjoyed watching his various moves to regain control of the game.

Maybe that is how things work in life.

Life is a competition and a challenge.

Sometimes we may take the lead; sometimes others take over.

Of course, those of us who are leading will try our best to maintain our lead.

And those of us who follow will wait for our turn to take over the lead.

In the end, one of us will win the game.

And it all depends on who can play the game better, who will make lesser mistakes, and who is more eager and determined to win.

Winning a game is a serious matter, and we don't make fun of our opponents.

But what happens after the game is another story.

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