Sunday, September 5, 2010

Students Fighting In YouTube

Video clips of students fighting in a secondary school here have made their way to the Internet. One of the clips showing a fight involving at least three female secondary students was posted on YouTube recently. The clip shows one of the girls trying to mediate a dispute between two students but the effort turns sour and they end up chasing and beating each other along the corridor of one of the classroom blocks. A headscarf of one of the girls is even pulled by another girl. Another clip featured two male students beating and kicking each other as a group of boys cheered them on.

Everyone needs attention and recognition, but not many know how to do it the right way.

Those who know try to do it quietly, peacefully and gracefully. Good moral, manner and high self-esteem play a major role in their lives and they want to continue to keep their cool.

But there are some who often resort to spectacular means and methods to show their emotions. Vandalism, graffiti, outrageous and obscenely perverted behavior, and many other antisocial activities continue to spread and influence our young people these days.

Some of us look with disdain and repugnance at those who continue to disrupt and violate the peace and harmony of the society. Some look with pity and compassion, realizing they need helps. Some have become immune and indifferent to the social ills and problems; they wouldn’t care less.

In the past, many teenage issues and problems were highlighted in the newspapers and television, though many more remained unreported and victims continued to suffer emotionally from the assaults.

With the advancement of the internet and other global communication links, everything comes out in the open; the weak and the lame come together, stand up and speak up. The parties involved have to act fast and end the high voltage drama, now that they can’t hide from the scrutinizing eyes of the public.

Many forums and discussions about teenage issues and problems are held, many suggestions and ideas are put forward, but words remain words, nothing much is done. The disease and its symptoms continue to spread and multiply, but no proper treatment is found and administered.

More and more video clips of teenage issues and problems in the internet!

Now the YouTube!

What’s next!

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Aldon Hynes said...

It is worth noting that the Youtube videos can lead to legal actions. In 2008, a group of girls in Florida beat up another girl. This was placed on Youtube and the girls that did the beating ended up in court.

See Victoria Lindsey, Erin Markes and Avery Doninger for more details.