Friday, September 10, 2010

A Park Nearby

It is a recreational park. There are two big ponds with different kinds of fish, fountains, bridges, piers, and huts.

Lately some had spotted small crocodile near the edge of the ponds. There is no clear knowledge as to how many of them or where they come from; though 100 meters away runs an age old river.

Notices have been put up recently to inform the public of the possible danger, and as a reminder that the local authority cannot be held responsible for any untoward accident. Many passersby are attracted by the big notices and many are seen bursting into smiles and laughter.

It is an age old park. There are many species of flowers, shrubs, plants and trees around the area. There are many types of birds chirping and chatting in the air and trees. The grasses are well trimmed like green carpets spreading over vast areas.

The sides near to the main roads are always tidy and clean, with many beautiful flowers, shrubs and plants, that every passerby would love it and consider it to be a beautiful park.

But dead leaves, twigs and branches are everywhere inside the park, and some of the roads and tracks are damp and slippery.

Much maintenance and repair need to be done immediately. Instead, many notices are seen erected everywhere to remind the visitors to use the facilities at their own risk.

Many of us enjoy our time here: fishing, jogging, pleasure walking, leisure cycling or riding, musing, pondering, contemplating, deliberating, reflecting, meditating, ruminating …….. Some of us enjoy photo and video taking, dating, family outing, and small group gathering.

I personally enjoy jogging and walking here. It helps me relax, refresh, enjoy and intensify my weight loss program. My major irritation and outburst is the movement of motor vehicles near me when I am jogging and running.

It is fun to live near to a park.

But just how many of us can afford it.

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