Monday, November 8, 2010

Admitting What We Don’t Know

Can we comfortably admit that there are some things or some people that we don't understand? Or do we do so unwillingly, grudgingly or not at all?

There are indeed many things and many people in this world that we don’t really know.

In fact, some of us may have many relationship problems with others. We may not know how to get along with our parents and elders, our family, our relatives and friends, our neighbors and colleagues, and sometimes even our ‘enemies’, strangers and first time visitors!

And the universe we have is so vast and we are so small, that there are always things that we don’t know, but somehow we pretend to know, we assume we know, and we insist we know!

But the funny thing is that sometimes we can’t even give a direct answer to a simple question. We make tons of excuses and we place a lot of blames. We try to avoid the question, not wanting to be trapped into stating our opinion. We make many speculations and assumptions, venture into many things we don’t know, and causing unnecessary attention and attraction. Then we deny what we have spoken, when pushed to a tight corner and under pressure!

The simplest thing to do in life is to admit what we don’t know.

While saying so, it is funny to notice that some of us are not interested in many things and many people that come into their life. They are keeping themselves to their own world, minding their own businesses and problems. Many happenings around the world are not their direct concern, and they don’t care even the life and death of others.

I believe we must show a keen interest to the world we live in. I believe we must contribute to the well-being of the world we live in.

Some of us claim that they are tired of understanding others. I don’t know why.

To me, the humble and positive spirit to learn from others is what we need these days. Ego and embarrassment don’t come in here. I believe it is our duty to learn to care about the many things and people around us. We are to be inquisitive and find out more!

Out there, there bound to be people who know more and can guide us through, giving us clear direction as to what to do! Out there, there will be people to coach us so that we don’t easily get lost!

Sometimes we do need to slow down a little, have a glass of hot or cold drink, and think through things. Maybe a little smile and a little nodding of the head to people around can be a good start. Sometimes we forget how positive attitude can really draw crowds of friends to us.

Learning to admit what we don’t know can really teach us many new things and help us cultivate better friends and acquaintances.

Maybe this is what you need now!

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