Monday, November 22, 2010

Ordinary But Extraordinary Men

Here I am, an ordinary man with two ordinary vehicles and an ordinary house.
Many of my neighbors are also ordinary men who own an ordinary car and an ordinary house.
A few among us are also ordinary, but have many extraordinary cars and extraordinary houses.
Then, there are the rich and famous and showy among us who own many extraordinary houses and many extraordinary cars.
None of these people surprised me before.
In fact, I lived contented, and was happy to see others enjoyed a better lifestyle.
But I was surprised when I saw extraordinary men with a very ordinary house and a very ordinary car.
I was surprised to know that they could still be very contented and happy.
After many years of thinking, and experiencing life,
I am no longer surprised!
There are more to life than material comforts and physical pleasure;
There are other worthwhile pursuits and ways of life;
There are scholarly, academic and intellectual pursuits;
There are recreational, leisure and outdoor pursuits;
There are communitarian pursuits;
There are agricultural pursuits;
There are artistic and creative pursuits;
There are spiritual and religious pursuits;
In fact, there are numerous legitimate and honorable pursuits in life that are worth having.
I am happy to see an extraordinary man living an ordinary life.
A man with a very ordinary car and a very ordinary house needn’t be ordinary.
After all, he or she is very special in the eyes of God;
He enjoy God and all His blessings,
And he commands respect, admiration and curiosity from others.
Ordinary man needs not feels ordinary.
It is the ability and the freedom to enjoy life that matter.
I would rather enjoy the little that I have,
Than to hoard up treasures,
That I don't have the time and opportunity to enjoy.
Ordinary man can be extraordinary;
Extraordinary man can be ordinary.
It is the quality lifestyle and amenities,
Hygienic environment,
And leisure experience,
That matter in life.
I would rather be ordinary,
But live life extraordinary.
And I will be extra happy,
If I can remain ordinary.
Oh! Happy ordinary men!

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