Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Quiet Routine

Sitting in the office, I was contemplating what to do next.
It was a quiet, relaxed and peaceful morning.
And I was filled with inspiration, motivation and life.
Somehow many things went in and out of my mind,
And I was feeling and touching things on my table,
Thinking and listing down everything I wanted to do.
I checked some reports, dully signed and acknowledged.
I powered up my computer, checked through the latest emails.
I tidied up my files and folders, and sorted through papers.
Then I took a well-deserved rest, sipping my sugarless tea.
Once in a while I was distracted by the noises and activities around.
I wasn't surprised; in fact I welcomed them once in a while.
It was normal and expected in a common office building.
Everyone was trying to release tensions and stresses somehow.
I had a quick smile and a quiet laugh.
Somehow we needed people to spice up our lives.
I continued to enjoy my pleasant and fruitful time,
Doing all that I wanted.
Then a colleague sitting beside was coughing terribly and continuously.
He might have smoked too much or eaten too much hot and spicy food.
Anyway, I knew for sure that he was not a good water drinker.
And lately every time he entered the room, the smell of cigarette smoke lingered for a long while.
I took a sneak peek at him.
He was busy playing computer games.
I couldn’t understand how he could spend his working hours on personal interests while everyone was busy with official duties!
Anyway, it was none of my business and I continued to enjoy my works.
It was nearing the end of the school term.
Many teachers were rushing up to finish their marking.
The school authority demanded the latest scores and grades,
Since the prize-giving day was really soon.
The students outside were making lots of noise;
They were already in their holidays mood.
Some exam classes were having party with their teachers;
A time to get together and fellowship, before the departure.
They looked rather concerned for one another;
Some were quiet and sad, talking softly among themselves.
There were rounds of handshakes, exchange of greetings and well wishes.
The public exam was round the corner.
More than words.....
More than words.....
As they said goodbye to one another.
Going back to the staffroom.
Here teachers gathered before they parted ways.
Many happy and smiling faces,
Talking and laughing out loud.
The teaching pressure must have gone.
Nonetheless, a few were still rushing through their last minutes work.
They looked rather troubled and worried.
Walking along the paths under the trees.
It was always quiet and peaceful here,
So was I.
Life is always a passing through under the shelter of God.
Nothing really disturbed my life,
Except the duty of living a godly and thankful life.
Nothing really stirred me up these days.
Nothing really affected me.
It was always a quiet routine.
And it always will be.

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