Sunday, November 21, 2010

Journey Home - Family Reunion

It was 3 on a Friday afternoon.
I had just completed my Adgitize and Entrecard clicks.
As promised, it was time to pick up the children from the airport;
They were returning home for their holidays.
I drove to the petrol station;
I filled up the petrol tank.
Then I pumped up the tires.
We had a last minute hunch and thought;
Then we started our journey.
The morning work had been rather relaxing;
I had less teaching periods and shorter teaching hours today;
It was the Muslim fasting month.
Nonetheless I occupied myself with productive activities;
Work ethics had taught me to be responsible and not to waste precious time.
Feeling rather tired, I shrugged my shoulders;
I rolled my eyes;
Stroked and patted my neck a little;
Took deeper and longer breaths;
And tried to push away the burden of the day.
With the music and conversation on,
A little laughter and humor now and then,
and the beautiful scenery along the way,
The day seemed nice and fresh again.
I felt refreshed and ready for the world.
Family gathering has always been a good cure for work pressure.
The journey was smooth,
But I was filled with apprehension.
I had the radiator cleaned and the thermostat replaced,
After an overheated engine a few days ago.
My heart was throbbing fast,
My eyes kept on watching the water meter,
As I drove slowly along the way.
It was only after half an hour later,
When everything seemed to be okay,
That my body, mind, and heart could settle down.
We arrived at the airport an hour before the flight arrived.
We had 2 KFC dinner plate sets,
To celebrate our safe arrival and our well-deserved rest.
We watching the people around us;
They were full of anticipation, expectation and excitement.
Some were talking quietly.
Some had their whole family gathered here.
The curious children were running around,
Pointing and touching everything they saw,
And talked and smiled and laughed among themselves.
The old men and women were sitting in a corner,
Waiting patiently and talking quietly.
We laughed and smiled and had a good time.
But deep inside, we thanked God for answering our prayer,
Bringing us safely to the airport.
The flight had arrived.
We had our sweet and joyous reunion.
We shook hands,
Hugging one another,
And had a nice conversation.
Then we got ready for our home.
We checked the radiator water;
It was still filled to the top.
We had a nice surprise and a hearty smile.
The dusk was deepening fast,
As we journeyed back home.
Many motorcyclists were along the way,
They were back from the city after their work.
We arrived home after 7.
We put down everything,
We cleaned ourselves up and ready for our dinner.
And we continued our hearty conversation.
It was indeed a day of journey and discovery;
A journey of learning and appreciating;
A journey of patience and humble discovery.
Thank God for the experience,
An experience that is difficult to forget.
The journey home;
Ever filled with anticipation, expectation, and excitement.
It is not just a normal happening;
It is filled with worry, anxiety, and fear.
But we are not alone and not without God's promises,
As we journey home.

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