Friday, December 10, 2010

Is It Okay To Call Students 'Stupid'?

Will you shout at students and call them 'stupid'?
Will you do it in public?
Will you insult them with words like 'silly', 'stupid', 'moron', 'idiot' or 'foolish'?
I was watching a group of students punished by the duty teachers.
The atmosphere was tense and charged;
You could feel the students' fear and anger.
I turned around and walked away;
I just couldn't bear to see what came next.
Is it okay to call students 'Stupid'?
Is it okay to insult them?
Teachers are role-models;
Teachers are good examples to follow.
Teachers shouldn't be so aggressive and intimating.
Wasn't it enough just to tell them their wrongs;
And punish them according to the rules and regulations?
Why used those bad words?
I remembered teachers using bad words in naughty classes;
It caused me more pain and disappointment.
I knew teachers are stressful with their works.
I knew teachers had many unrelated extra duties.
I knew the class size was big and students naughty.
But teaching is a noble profession.
Teachers are supposed to teach the students well;
Teachers are purposed to get them ready for their future.
Calling students 'stupid' is not good;
Calling students 'stupid' will only make them lose their self-respect and confidence.
Someones said, "Teachers are second parents to the students;
And they care a lot about them."
I remembered my great teachers in the past;
I was full of love and praise for them.
Without them, I wouldn't be who I am today.
Vaguely from far I could still hear the bad words.
I took a few peeps and saw students passing by ran away.
It's definitely not good to do it in public.
Is it okay for teachers to call the students 'stupid'?
If they are not right, we can tell them they are wrong;
We don't have to label them as 'silly' or 'stupid'.
Is it okay for teachers to call the students 'stupid'?
No. Teachers are role-model;
Student learn from their teachers.
What if students also call the teachers 'stupid'?
It's just not right to call the students 'stupid'.
Those bad words must go.
Those labelings are bad;
It is not good for the school.
No. It's just not okay;
It's never okay to call students stupid in school


Wilmaryad said...

Nobody should be called stupid, student or not. We all have different mental capacities. Some of us are slower than others. But we all, eventually, get it. said...

Some of us are slow learners, but definitely not stupid. I feel disgusted when certain people address students as stupid. We may not like their 'stupid' acts, but they are definitely not stupid.