Saturday, December 4, 2010

Buying A House

If you are making the decision, where would you want your house to be?

I believe many would want it to be near to their workplace. It is easy that way if you have problem waking up or your morning routines are one of the first big hurdles that you have to tackle everyday.

Some would want it to be near to their parents and siblings, relatives and friends. Most of us just can't live alone for long; we would love to talk to someone we know, care and love. We would love to have gatherings, discussion and parties once in a while. Some would prefer to be near to their in-laws to please and satisfy the wife.

Some would prefer to be near to the schools their children study, since they may have many extra classes and extracurricular activities.

Some would prefer it to be near to the town or city to enjoy a luxurious and lavish lifestyle. Here everything is ready and if you have the money, many things are available readily.

Some would prefer to live in the outskirt to escape from the hassle and bustle of the city and the nightlife.

Whatever we do in the matter of buying a house, it should suit the convenience of everyone besides ourselves. And it is not easy.

Imagine the couples from different parts of the world, where would they build their house? Whichever they choose, the cost of traveling and visiting will be high!

Imagine the workplace is far away from the schools, which would you choose? It would definitely be a heartache for someones in the family.

And imagine it is away from shopping complexes, restaurants, recreational outlets, or the town or city itself, it would be a hard time to fulfill our needs and wants.

So where would you buy or build your house?

Some would prefer a movable house. What do you think?

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