Sunday, December 5, 2010


Will you marry someone who is illiterate?

Is it very important to you to marry someone who can read and write?

These were among the questions lingered in my mind when I started to choose my life partner many years ago.

Of course, it will be good if both of you can read and write; it helps a lot in the everyday interaction and activities.

But what if you decide to love someone who just cannot read and write? Will you marry him or her?

Some said love is irresistible and beyond boundary.

They said family background, literacy, social status, race and nationality, etc should never be a hindrance to love.

Will you agree? Will your family agree?

So what would you do? Would you marry her? Would you marry him?

As for me, what is important in love and marriage is UNDERSTANDING.

Do you understand one another?

Can you accept one another in everything?

Do you forgive one another and try to do better for one another as days go by?

Understanding is better than literacy.

I have seen wise and clever people who are impossible to get along with;

I have seen illiterate people who are so helpful and kind, and humble.

Love break all laws! All boundaries!

Love breaks all barriers!

Love needs trust, understanding, dedication, respect and commitment.

Love doesn't need literacy!

Do you agree with me?

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