Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year Resolutions

It is the last day of the year 2010. In a few more hours, we will be celebrating our new year 2011.

Often when we come to the end of the year, we will analyze our life and then plan out what we want to do for the coming year.

Some of our new year resolutions have to do with ourselves. We may be targeting a weight loss, or thinking of making more money through online or offline jobs, or planning to get engaged and married.

Some of our new year resolutions have to do with our family. We maybe thinking of moving house or getting a new car. We maybe planning to send our children to schools, colleges and universities. We may want a new baby or adopt a child.

Whatever new year resolutions we have, it is good to plan and carry them out properly.

Life is short, and it will be good if we can make our life better and fuller in the coming year.

Some people are aiming too high; they have resolutions that cannot be achieved in a year's time. They have resolutions for show to someone; they have no desire to achieve their goals.

There is no point in making resolution that we don't and can't keep it. It is merely a waste of time to show and tell people what we want to do, when we have no desire to carry it out.

I have lost 12 kg for the whole of this years. My resolution is to achieve a double digit weight soon. And when I have achieved my target, I will be ready for another targeted weight.

I believe we must learn to make resolutions that we can achieve in a reasonable time frame.

There is nothing wrong in making resolution; in fact I welcome everyone to have theirs.

It will be good if everyone makes realistic and achievable resolutions for the year 2011.

Do you have your new year's resolution?

Are you ready for year 2011?


Julie from Momspective said...

My resolution is to try to figure out what I need to resolve lol

Con Artist Trickster said...

I wonder why my resolutions this year is still the same as last year? Do I still want the same things or because my resolutions were just an empty promises amid the new year hysteria, and it goes like that every year? I guess the second one is the true answer.
I hope you can keep up with your resolutions. said...

Con Artist Trickster - I think I will. I start running instead of walking now. I don't give up easily and I believe you can too. All the best!