Saturday, March 19, 2011

Still The Mind

I can't think. I just sit down, closing my eyes. My head is stuffed up with things; I can't tell what it is. I take long and slow deep breaths, trying to relax and alleviate stress. It must have been half a day since I am in such a condition. I look blankly around, then close my eyes again. I can hear the sounds of the heavy rain; I can feel the caress of the cold wind. I really need to calm down, I told myself. I really need to think straight. I want to regain my happiness and confidence again.

Too very often, when my mind had wandered, there was nothing much I could do. I would looked blankly at everything, feeling very lonely.

When I was young, I would hold my guitar and play sentimental songs. I would sing along, with emotions and feelings. There were times when I had partners, and we enjoyed singing and laughing together.

When I was alone, I would read a book, from beginning to the end. I just had to think straight; I just wanted to do something I loved.

There were times when I would cut the grass, dig the earth, tend my garden, clear the compound, burn the rubbish, etc. I was always looking out to do something.

There were times when I would drive around the town, with my wife and three children. We would go to the park, go shopping, eating, and have fun.

Ever since I took up jogging and running, I have more choices as to how I would spend my day. I like walking and jogging, they really help to reduce my stress level.


It is getting dark. It is still drizzling outside. Maybe I just have to watch some TV shows and be calm.

When the mind is trouble, it is confused.

It's time to still the mind.

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