Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Old Age

Are you afraid to grow old? I think everyone does, though many of us won't admit it. Though many of us put on makeup, wear cute, fancy or sexy clothes, dye and style the hair, put on a smile and a friendly face, etc. we cannot but admit that age is catching up.

But it is okay; we will welcome it when it comes, and respond to its opportunities with grace and good cheer. It will be another stage of life for us – to start work and to deal with the various relationships in life.

There will be grandchildren to cope with in a big family. It will be fun and interesting when the grandchildren come and squeeze near you with their requests and complains, with their innocent faces and smiles, with their giggling, laughing, crying, kidding, and various other expressions, etc. It will be fun and joy to see them go to school and start to become wise and intelligent.

There will be children to deal with in a big family. We are not sure whether they will be staying and living with us, since they have their own work and family commitments. We are not certain as to whether they will visit us often during the various important festivals and anniversaries; they may be busy and preoccupied with their lives and their busy schedules.

There will be family conflicts as well as emergency situations to tackle. There will be times when children and grandchildren quarrel and fight among themselves, causing various family turmoil and misunderstanding. There will be division and strife and utter confusion within the big family, and it will surely be a big headache.

There will be the health problems and the many dangerous diseases to address. There will be medical check up, fitness test, the daily workout and diet routines, etc. There will be healthy living, nutritional advice, exercise activities, etc to consider and reconsider.

There will be the spiritual aspects to consider. The days are slowly coming to an end. Now preparations have to be made to meet with the Lord. There will be more church going activities; there will be more prayer meetings, and listening to the words of God; there will be more fellowships and communions; more spiritual supports and practices.

There will be a time for everything, and there will be a time to grow old.

Are we ready?

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