Saturday, March 26, 2011

What Do You Miss Most in Life

There are some of us who cannot live without the television. They spend many hours everyday to watch their favorite shows and movies. And they will feel very miserable if one day the television is malfunctioning or if other connected components are at fault.

There are those who cannot live without the internet. Somehow they must spend many hours online before they can feel satisfied. There are many who enjoy sitting in front of the computer browsing the internet and their favorite social networking sites. Of course, there are those who are actually addicted to the computer games and cannot help but play some online games.

There are those who enjoy using electrical appliances at home. They have air conditioners and ceiling fans; they have electrical water heaters and hair dryer; they have refrigerator, microwave, iron, freezer, etc. When there is no electricity, they will be very miserable.

There are those who cannot live without water. They need to take bath; they need to drink and prepare food; they need to wash their vehicles, water their plants and flowers, clean the aquarium, etc. Water has very much become a part of their lives and they just cannot live without water.

Some people need transportation and communication. They just can't stay at home for long; they need to move about. They can't spend time alone for long, they need to talk with family, relatives, and friends to make themselves happy.

Some people enjoy food; different kinds of food. They love to go about looking for their favorite dishes. They know every corner of the streets where there are nice food, and they can smell them far away.

Different people love different things in life.

And life can be very miserable if they cannot have the things they want.

What about you? What do you miss most in life?

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