Monday, March 14, 2011

Daily Troubles

Bad things happened one after another. It would be very heartbreaking and emotional damaging when we were under such situation. Imagine, our love one suddenly fell very sick, our relative passed away, and our very good friends decided to leave us. And they happened all at the same time or one after the other. How would we feel?

When life is steadily going along just the way it should be, we feel very calm, rejuvenated, refreshed, and peaceful. We are opened to new views and approaches; we entertain new ideas and form new opinions. Life is always fun and joy, always satisfying and fulfilling, and we want to feel it, have it, and love it that way.

But when bad things come our way, and they can come one after another, and when they cannot be stopped, life can be very miserable, stressful and depressing. We will normally lose our cool and composure and become troubled and confused, unable to find any peace.

It will be nice to have someone who can be by our side when we are troubled and confused. We would need someone who can accompany us, listen to us and comfort us; we may need someone who would help us out in the various household chores, etc.

But it would be nice if we can learn to shrug off our troubles. Life is amazing with the coming of a new day, new people, new experiences, new places, etc coming into our lives. It is enough to feel and deal with our daily troubles, and we don't need more.

Some of us are overwhelmed and anxious about too much troubles, and they begin to blame people, including themselves. All too often, we are creating a lot of unnecessary conflicts and fights, and people are not happy with us. It is time we learn to be patient and try to avoid all unnecessary troubles.

Maybe it is time for us to put our unresolved troubles behind us and move forward. Life is just too short to worry so much about so many troubles.

Let us always smile at the storm and always fight with all we have against our daily troubles.


Catherine said...

I hope that you will soon find peace of mind and the joy in each wonderful day that is given to us...Blessings, Catherine said...

Thanks Catherine. You too.
How nice it will be if we can find the peace of mind and the joy of life in every wonderful day that is given to us.