Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Lord Of The Vineyard

Mark 11:27-12:12

It was Tuesday of our Lord’s passion week. The Lord Jesus was back in the Temple. The religious leaders saw their chance to discredit Him. They approached Him and demanded to know why He was doing such things.

The Lord Jesus turned the table on the religious leaders. He wanted them to tell Him what authority John the Baptist operated under, before He would tell them by what authority He did what He did.

The religious leaders chose to make a non answer. So the Lord Jesus refused to answer them.

But the Lord Jesus used the opportunity to expose their hypocrisy. In the parable that followed, He exposed their sinfulness and exalted the majesty of Almighty God.


In the parable, the Lord Jesus told them that God was good toward the nation of Israel.

God had tenderly raised them up in Egypt. He had taken them and placed them in Canaan, where they flourished. But the nation of Israel had never returned His love.


In the parable, the Lord Jesus told them that God was gracious to the nation of Israel.

The religious leaders of Israel had been entrusted with the spiritual well being of the nation. Time and again they had led the nation astray.

God, in His infinite grace, sent them judges, prophets, and other holy men to lead them back to the right path. But Israel refused to hear His messages. Some were beaten, some were killed, and all were sent away empty-handed.

Israel rejected prophet after prophet, culminating in John the Baptist. Yet, God kept on sending them His men and His message. What grace!


In the parable, the Lord Jesus told them that God would judge the nation of Israel.

The people of Israel had rejected every attempt God made to call them back to Himself. They either abused or killed His messengers. Even John the Baptist was rejected and beheaded. Now, they wanted to destroy the very Son of God.

They eventually killed the Messiah to get what they wanted. They pushed Him to Calvary and there they crucified Him.

The Lord Jesus was God’s final messenger. When they rejected Him, they were saying no to God for the very last time.

There was nothing left for them but judgment. And that judgment came in just a few short years. Jerusalem was destroyed and the Temple was torn down.

The Jews paid a terribly high price for their decision.

They were forced to face the God of wrath.


When the Lord Jesus finished the parable, the Jews wanted to arrest Him and deal with Him.

But they were afraid to do anything because the people respected the Lord Jesus as a great rabbi.


Some thoughts:
  • God is good to us. He continues to provide for us. This should cause us to come to Him.
  • God is gracious to us. He has given us ample opportunities to repent and to come to the Lord Jesus. He has kept us out of Hell for another day. This should cause us to come to the Lord Jesus and be saved.

So the choice is yours.

God is offering you a chance to be saved.

He is offering you a chance to have all your sins forgiven.

He is offering you an opportunity to avoid Hell and make Heaven your eternal home.

What would you do?

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