Monday, January 30, 2012

It Was A Baby Girl!

My brother-in-law chartered a van to bring his wife from his remote village to the local hospital. His first baby was due to be born. It was an excited moment for him. He would be a father soon. I presumed he must be smiling all the way.

He was told that his wife had to undergo a C-section. Since the hospital does not do C-section, he and his wife had to wait for the hospital emergency van to send them to the hospital in the city.

It was 10 at night, but the hospital van was still not ready to go. My brother-in-law consulted His chartered driver. But he was unwilling to send them.

My brother-in-law was desperate. He reluctantly called my wife, knowing that it was the 4th day of Chinese New Year 2012, and that we might still be busy with our celebration.

The phone rang. We received the present surprise: his baby was due to be born. We got ready to go. Other thing could wait, not the baby. We were receiving the coming of a baby!

We rushed to the hospital to fetch them. We were then on our journey to the city hospital.

The trip was smooth and wonderful, with few vehicles. The street lights were bright all the way. There were many houses hanging with closely arranged red lanterns. The sound of firecrackers was all over. And the radio stations were playing my favorite festive songs.

It was 11 p.m. when we reached our destination. The place was quiet outside with few moving vehicles. It was drizzling with overcast skies. I stopped the car at the entrance for them to get out. Then I parked in a nearby parking lot. I got out of the car but couldn't see anyone of them. So I waited on a long bench at the entrance.

I never like the hospital. It is always a place of life and death; a place of indecision and uncertainty. But everyone will meet their end in life, whether in youth or age. I sighed and nodded, not wanting to think too much about it.

My wife came to me alone, after 30 minutes. We smiled and talked softly to one another, walking to our car. It was late. We were on our trip home.

We received the good news the next day. It is a baby girl. Both mother and child are well.

It is God's blessing to us amidst the Chinese New Year 2012.

We were told later that the baby girl is called Agnes.

We all laughed, and laughed heartily.

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