Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Power Of Faith

Mark 11:20-26

When the disciples were amazed at the withered fig tree, the Lord Jesus simply said, “Have faith in God.”


We must have faith in God’s Person.

God is our Father.

He cares about us.

We are to bring our needs, burdens and concerns to Him.


We must have faith in God’s Promises.

God invites us to pray to Him.

God promises to hear us when we pray.

And God promises to answer our prayers.


We must have faith in God’s Power.

We must believe that He can do everything He has promised to do.


We must have faith in God’s Purposes.

God will do the things that He wills to do, and He will accomplish all things that He has willed to do.


Faith allows us to believe the impossible.

Faith in God, and in the promises found in His Word, allows us to believe God in the impossible situations of life.


Faith allows us to receive the impossible.

Faith enables us to hold in our hands things that have yet to be seen.

Faith allows us to hold in our hearts things that have yet to appear.

Faith in God and His Word make future promises a reality.


But faith can be hindered by unbelief.

Doubt is deadly to effective prayer.

Doubt calls into question the character and ability of God.

The prayer of the doubter will not be answered.


Faith can also be hindered by selfishness.

Answers to prayer come when we pray according to the will of God.

Answers to prayer come when we pray for God’s glory alone.

When we pray selfish prayers that are based solely on what we want, we can expect those prayers to be unanswered.


Faith can also be hindered by our unwillingness to forgive those who have wronged us.

Faith connects us to God and enables our prayers to get through.

Our unwillingness to forgive stands as a barrier between us and the Lord.

God expects us to forgive others of their sins against us.

When we possess an unforgiving spirit, our prayers will be hindered and God’s forgiveness will not be realized in our daily walk.


Some thoughts.
  • Biblical faith is a powerful weapon.
  • It is among the greatest of God’s gifts to His children.
  • We are to walk in faith, believing God for the unseen.
  • We are to seek His will for every situation we face.
  • We are to keep praying and keep trusting.
  • We are to ask God to strengthen our faith in difficult times.

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