Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Be A Blessing

I was given the task to teach remedial mathematics to a class of undisciplined and unruly students.

Very early I made my acquaintance. I tried to understand their study problems. To me, they are below average students, not that hopeless or helpless. It is just that they are very weak in mathematical skills, and they desperately need someone to give them proper guidance.

Ever since my first lesson with them, I have not stopped inspire and motivate them. I give them my full attention. Somehow, they have become very special to me, each and everyone of them. And I want to see them progress faster as time goes by. Deep inside me, I want to mold them into a civilized group of students who care about learning.

This is my second month teaching them. I have always tried to teach them slowly and carefully, repeating and reminding them the basic mathematical skills when they face problems.

Vaguely but unmistakably, I can see gradual changes for the better. They are improving and can now get more work done correctly. They are willing to cooperate and can work as a team. Best of all, they respect me and are ready to work under my instruction.

In the course of our lives, sometimes we are uniquely placed to make someone's life better. It is good if we learn not to grumble too much. Let us just take up the challenges. God willing, let us be a blessing to people around us.

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