Sunday, February 12, 2012

Landslide Kills Technician

Co-worker saved by gallant efforts of colleagues who dug him out with bare hands.

A late afternoon landslide bought out the best of a group of oil palm plantation workers, as they sprung into action tearing away the mud that covered two of their colleagues with their bare hands.

Their adrenalin-charged digging saved one of the victims, who was rescued within 15 minutes.

But sadly they could not save the other buried worker, a technician. He was buried too deep in the rubble. It took one hour for his friends reach him; by that time he was already dead.

The two workers were fixing gas pipes near the slope when the earth gave way and cascaded onto them so fast they had no chance to get out of the way.


Landslide is not expected. It is not visible and cannot be detected.

It is tragic to die buried in a landslide.

The family will be heartbroken for the rest of their lives.

The friends will blame themselves for their helplessness. So close to help yet not close enough to reach him!

It was a horrible event, but many would forget about it after a good read.

Tragedies happen everyday, but they seldom matter until the people become the victims.

Landslide kills many....

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