Saturday, February 4, 2012

Do You Want To Live Or Die?

I can't remember when it was; it could be late in 1982 or early 1983.

It was one of those nights with very heavy rainfall and cold wind, after one of our Varsity Christian Fellowship gatherings.

I was walking with a group of christian brethren from the same college and colleges nearby, passing through various faculty buildings, crossing the main road of the university campus, and making our way along the foot path dividing the opening fields.

The surrounding was bright with glaring fluorescent lights and very silent. It should be after 10.30 or close to 11. Most of the rooms in the student blocks were bright. Were they busy, or snuggling in their nice warm beds?

Suddenly I tripped, falling head first into a deep drain with rushing water.

Then, a sudden and terrible thought rushed to my ears, "Do you want to live or die?"

I shriveled and died inside, gripped by the fear of God!

Then my mind was filled with my unrepented sins all at once!

Oh! How did the Almighty God see them all! How I had grieved Him!

Was it the day for my reckoning?

It was quite some time before I realized someone(s) was trying to pull me up.

Then I heard many voices, "What has happened?"

I looked around, trying to understand.

I didn't know how to answer them.

I was stunned and terrified!

The frightening voice continued to ring in my ears...

"I slipped!" I answered softly.

It was not a good answer...

Then I realized in my right hand I was gripping my Bible.

It was a Good News Bible, my very first English bible.


I searched my bookshelves, up and down.

I finally found my old bible that was soaked in water.

The pages are old, yellow and torn...

But it is my first bible...

My precious bible..

"Do you want to live or die?"

I heard the still small voice again...

This time I knew the answer.


If I live, I want to live by faith in Christ.

And if I die, I want to go to Him too! In my heavenly home!

"For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain." (Philippians 1:21)

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