Friday, January 30, 2009

Mutual Love

It is Chinese New Year, the year of the ox.

We are ready to celebrate it.

Though the economy has slowed down, we make up our mind not to be too thrifty on this special occasion. We spend quite a bit and everyone in the family has all their desires and requests satisfied.

We spend time and effort cleaning and decorating the house. We deem it is inappropriate for us to overdo on the decorations since my mom has just left us few months ago. Anyway the house looks decent and we are ready to celebrate the year of the ox.

As usual, we have many visitors from different races and backgrounds. Some even come with gifts. We have a great time eating, drinking, and sharing with one another, dwelling on all topics under the sun. It was indeed happy hours filled with joy and love for one another. They really brightens up the house.

Even since we have our own home 10 years ago, we always remind ourselves to make more friends and to develop better and deeper understanding with one another. We learn to avoid foolish arguments, meaningless chatters, selfish strife and quarrels. We strive to cultivate good relationships with our families, relatives, neighbors, and friends.

We realize the fact that we will have fewer relatives and friends as we grow older. Some of them may have stayed away because of misunderstandings, arguments, quarrels and strife. Some of them may have passed away. Others may have migrated far away. If we remain aloof and unaffected for long, we will be a loner in no time.

It really takes courage to leave the gate wide opened during the festival. But it is a good indication of how we fare on mutual love. A large and cheerful crowd indicates that we are successful while a dwindling crowd should alarm us to make amend as soon as we can.

I believe it is high time we examine on the issue of mutual love.


itisrajah said...

I love your blog!
=) said...

It is the new year. Love is in the air. Let's share love and smile all the time.