Saturday, April 18, 2009

Eldest Brother's Birthday

My eldest brother is celebrating his 60's birthday today.

Time has flied so fast. Our youngest brother is now in his mid-30's. Some of us are grandfathers and grandmothers now. Many of our children have completed their tertiary education with flying colors and have long started working and raising their families.

Dad has passed away more than 30 years ago. And mom has gone more than half a year ago. We are orphans now but our bond and love for one another have never broken and will never be.

We are one in love and joy, in fondness and in worth, And so as one we celebrate this day, your day of birth! So here it goes : “Happy Birthday to you, my eldest brother."

And so we come together, sharing the good old days. Many jokes and laughter, many memories and stories, many advices and encouragement, and many sighs and tears.

Yeah, we have traveled through life with many twists and turns, and many inner struggles. We have wasted much time and have not measured up to our full potential and expectation. But here we are, helping one another and bind together with the bond of love.


NovaS said...

happy birthday to your brother, many more birthday's to come..


suwari said...

Nice too see one of my fellow blogger come from borneo. Im also come from borneo, sabah. Land below the wind.

Wish your brother, Happy Birthday.

Twilight Zone said...

happy birthday to your brother and i wish more healthy and tight bonding with your family members.

Jade Meng said...

The most beautiful thing in the world is that one cares about another. Family bond is a treasure. Touching post.