Tuesday, April 7, 2009

No One Wins A War

To many, winning is everything.

We strive to win over our enemies through brutal forces. We beat them and then we torture them, only to discover that we have suffered many losses as well. Many are left with broken limbs and lacerated faces. Many are left destitute and homeless. And many are left orphans and have to beg for a living. We win the fight but we lost the war. In fact, no one really wins a brutal war.

We have quarrels and disagreements among family members and relatives. We have jealousy and envy. We have many incidents of backstabbing and gossiping. Everyone yearns for an upper hand, and nobody wants to lose. And the whole family is teared apart. We no longer see eye to eye with one another. Years later, we may meet again at old age, and we may hug one another and cry bitterly over our follies. Yeah, No one really wins a family war.

So are our relationships with all others. Never think that you can win the war by brutal forces or craftiness. History has shown us again and again that no one really wins a war.

Only love can. The crying and pleading of the heartbroken parents always soften the hearts of the children and bring close a broken relationship. The crying and screaming of orphans and vulnerable children always cause many good soldiers to refrain from moving forward.

Yeah! Only love saves the world from the wars.


Kikit said...

Faith, hope and love... And the greatest is love. :)

Aron Sora said...

I really loved this post. Speaking from my topic, it angers me when I see humanity fighting. We can do such great things, yet we waste time and life killing each other. It's saddening because we are at the point where we could kill ourselves off or we can become a spacefairing species.

Twilight Zone said...

you are right, sigh... nobody wins a war.

Shu Fen said...


but sadly love in this world is scarce and expensive...

Vicissitudes of Life

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