Friday, April 24, 2009

Thunders And Lightnings

It was deafening to hear the loud thunders. I remembered the younger days when we used to hide near a corner of a building and waited for them to stop. I remembered the times when the adults told us to keep quiet lest the thunders struck on us, and we giggled away innocently. I remembered the times when the thunders struck very near to us, and we screamed and just cried. We knew deep inside that the Almighty God had sent the thunders as we were told from young.

It was frightening when the lightning flashed across the sky and struck the earth. Our bodies trembled in fear and you could behold our pale and sick faces. Again we hid deep inside a corner of a building to wait for them to go. It was really scary to have the lightnings struck near to us. We knew from small that the lighting strike was fatal.

So there we were, squeezing inside a building or a bus stop, waiting for the thunderstorm to stop. There we were, in a farm hut or under the tall grass and bushes, praying for the rainstorm to go.

When the lightnings and thunders had gone, we slowly came out of our shelters and continued our journey. The strong winds blew strong and hard, and we dared the heavy rain with our wooden umbrellas. It was an impossible feat when you were small in size, and you tended to move backward haphazardly once in a while. Sometimes the wooden umbrellas flied away and we had to turn back and picked them.

So we walked back bare footed. And we reached home entirely wet. We had to take a quick bath and dressed in thick clothes. We had to dry our books and our shoes. Then we ate and studied, and we slept early.

Sometimes, as I watch the younger people who dare the heavy rains and the thunderstorms and doing dangerous stunts, I care and fear for them. And I pray that nothing will happen to them.


Kloggers/Polly said...

How different your description of a thunderstorm is to the various things that I was told in my past. My father would explain how and why the noises happened and I felt quite worldly with the knowledge. Imagine how I had to bite my tongue when the children in my class would say that the thunder was the angels tossing or moving the furniture around in heaven because they were unhappy?

When I was in my teens a young girl died as she stood under a tree with a horse and a lightening bolt struck her. We were told not to wear shoes with metal on them or not to carry an umbrella because of its metal spokes.

Weather, can be one of the most frightening things on the planet it can cause the most devestation and there is nothing that we can do about it. Now we are told it is likely to be more haphazard and extreme because we have not cared for our planet enough and we as the human race being responsible are the cause of global warming. Let us all hope and pray that we can change things and make this wonderful paradise that we live on the place that we remember from our childhood.

I just loved your post today ....

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Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

I do not mind thunder but am afraid of lightening. As a teen, I was bummed out because my friend was mad at me and wouldn't talk to me and I didn't even know why and I was walking home when it was lightening thinking I don't care if I get hit by lightening.

Once lightening hit a tree that my car was parked under and the tree fell on time of my little car, bashing in the roof. I had to get rid of it and buy a different car.

Storms do show how powerful God is though which is always what I think of whenever a storm comes.

Mrs4444 said...

I have always loved lightening and thunder, and so has my husband, so we've raised our kids to respectfully admire storms. A crazy thought to you, I suppose, but I have always felt safe and never exposed in storms like this. I enjoyed reading your perspective.