Saturday, April 4, 2009


Children quarrel fiercely, parents start to get very angry and ready to explode. The atmosphere becomes tense. Everyone is focusing on the fight. Situation is getting desperate and beyond control. The fight is about to begin.

Parents interfere and make things worse. Quarrels break out between parents and children. Sometimes it ultimately leads to long disputes and quarrels between parents themselves.

Then the family begins to break down and it takes a long while to repair the damages done. Then there are family that just refuses to reconcile and in due time each member has to live a solitary life. How sad.

And it all started with a little misunderstanding. It escalates when someone gets his feelings hurt and uses a little sarcastic language. And then the fight started…

The first and foremost priority for us to do is to find a solution and get a situation under control as soon as we can.

Never add fresh fuel to a quarrel. Words like "Who started it?", "Why can't you all play together nicely?", "Stop it or you will be punished", "but he is your little brother", "I have reminded you many times, but you are stubborn huh", "You better stop it or else!" .... should never be used if you don't want the situation to get worse.

Maybe separate them to different rooms and counsel them individually can help.

But what if you are a single parent or if your spouse is not around? As it is, husbands should remember to thank their wives for taking care of their naughty children, and strive to spend more time at home helping out with the kids! And children should be more reasonable in their demands for attention and love, and seek to be more responsible and caring for one another in their home.

True love seeks to help the other persons in needs.

Keep the family together by being strong, caring, loving and understanding.

Can we?


Mike Foster said...

Kids fight with each other, that's life, but as parents we can make sure that make up and don't go overboard.


Twilight Zone said...

wow, nice one... very true.

Chelsea said...

I'm in the middle of this right now. My brother and his wife hate me because they assumed I would baby sit their kids all the time. I told them I didn't want to and now they are angry at me. They haven't spoken to me since Thanksgiving weekend. They missed my daughters first birthday party and they have ignored me every holiday and birthday since. My parents try talking to them but it really hasn't done any good. It's annoying because before my brother married her he was not much into drama. now he follows everything she does.